9 Names, ONE Value.

NineGap™ thrives to bring digital innovation to the world via a powerful suite of its services. We intend to create an impact not just by developing alternatives, rather we focus on problems that seem too difficult to solve using technology and with our innovative approach, we try to make that a reality.

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Global challenges

Solving problems the world is facing today by leveraging technology.

Research Backed

Thorough research on each service or product to ensure quality.

The goal is to create an impact
across horizons.

Our focus is on developing an ecosystem of reliable services that will either help grow businesses or will provide new innovative solutions to the masses.

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Digital Artifacts packed with
innovation at it's core.

Our Innovation approach is designed to solve real, specific problems and address tangible opportunities across various industries to create value for businesses and consumers alike.

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" Technology is a word that describes something that doesn’t work yet. "

- Douglas Adams .

A range of horizons.

Innovations that drive disruptive value, greater agility and future ready digital solutions across industries. Every NineGap™ product helps in achieving improved outcomes with technology-enabled services.


Creating a better future of education through digital transformation.


Helping businesses target their audience better via creative solutions.


Helping explorers get the best travel experience possible for their trips.


Delivering a personalised shopping experience to consumers which is beyond the physical store.

IoT & A.I.

Creating platforms that harness the power of machine learning to unlock exponential value.


Products that help businesses and consumers with their financial requirements.

An innovative solution for every level.

Thinking out of the box and finding out new angles while chasing a problem is what we have in our core. We strive for acheiving innovative excellence in every vertical that we choose. This video nicely explains the basis on which our company stands.

We maybe new,
but our numbers justify our value.

NineGap recently launched it's first app on Play Store and we have been growing every minute since then. This is just the start, we have a couple of upcoming awesome projects still in development.


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100+ +
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